Cupping Therapy - Trick or Treatment ?

May 24, 2018

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I have recently opened my beauty therapy practice in Lagos, Nigeria and have been blessed with some amazing and friendly customers who entrust their beauty therapy treatments to me. 


One of the therapies that I've recently introduced along with my signature sculptural face lifting treatment is dry cupping therapy, Cupping therapy has been practiced across many cultures all over the world and the two main kinds of therapy are clearly wet and dry cupping.Both have been known to be highly effective in curing ailments and are still used by modern day cupping therapists. 



Dry cupping is a method by which suction is created on particular points on the patient’s body. Suction could be created by using heat to warm the cups so that the cooling air inside the cup creates a vacuum that tugs the skin upwards.Other methods ( that's what I offer )  of creating suction include using an air pump to siphon air out of the cup, sometimes therapist may decide to perform mix of manual and dry cupping therapy for a better effectiveness. In today’s times, glass cups are used so that the therapist can monitor the condition of the skin. Medical grade silicone cups are also used because of their pliability.


How does it work ? Here is a little bit of science and medical terms to explain effectiveness of the treatment in more or less plain English language. When cupping is performed, it lifts the skin from the myofascial network by creating a vacuum. As blood rushes to fill the empty space, it brings with it fresh nutrients and oxygen.This infusion works to heal the affected area by clearing away the knots and constrictions in the muscles. In addition to blood, the area also receives more lymph. Knots and stiffness can also be caused by a buildup of toxins, dead cells, and other debris. The lymph works to clear the toxins and cleanse it so that healing is further promoted.  Neovascularisation (new blood vessel formation), occurs in response to blood being draw into the tissue. Due to the vacuum effect, the soft tissue often experiences micro-trauma and separation between the tissue layers. The body responds to this micro-trauma by stimulating an inflammatory response, which is the natural process of healing. During this stage, the body releases chemicals such as white blood cells, platelets and fibroblasts to initiate healing. While science has a perfectly valid explanation of how cupping therapy works, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains it in a slightly different way. TCM believes in the free flow of life energy inside the meridians of the body. As long as the energy flow remains unobstructed, the person remains healthy, but any snags in this flow can cause ailments and illnesses. For this reason, TCM aims to release the blockages and thus heal the affected tissues after an injury.Science says that healed tissues receive a lower amount of blood supply. That’s because the scars that form after an injury or strain are tougher than the original tissues. Cupping therapy can help restore the blood supply to the affected area so that healing is stimulated again. For this reason, the modality can work on chronic pain that may result from old injuries and strains also.


Dry cupping is generally safe but there are some contraindications and precautions that you need to take into account before scheduling yourself for the treatment. Dry cupping does not replace medical treatment it rather complements it.


Contraindications for Cupping Therapy

 When you come in for a consultation, your therapist will ask you questions to rule out medical issues such as:

  • Pregnancy and menstruation

  • Skin conditions like dermatoses, skin allergies, injuries, and lesions

  • Conditions of uncontrolled bleeding like in hemophilia, leukemia, and blood spots on the skin caused by allergies

  • Heart disease

  • Kidney disease or failure

  • Hernia

  • Slipped disc

  • Cancer

  • Varicose veins, among others

After Treatment- Do's and Don's


You will need to avoid excessive or heavy exercise, hot tub, sauna, steam room, hot bath/shower, heavy meals, sunbathing, I also recommend my clients to stay away from AC as both excessive heat and cold  should be avoided after the treatment.  Remember to drink plenty of water to flush all the toxins. Relax! 


I really like this treatment and believe in it's effectivness provided is being performed by the certified therapist with appropriate training and experience and my family members certainly take advantage and get private dry cupping sessions.







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